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Brazil - Riacho Doce


Image of Brazil - Riacho Doce

Brazil - Riacho Doce 12 oz.
Whole Bean
Mild acidity with notes of almond, apple and nougat with a medium body

All of our beans are roasted to order and will be shipped within 5-7 days.

Region: Planalto da Bahia
Community/mill: Marinalva Ivo das Neves
Altitude: 960 meters ASL
Processing: "Fully washed," dried in greenhouses

About The Region
Planalto da Bahia is a large plateau in the middle of one the driest parts of the northern region of Caatinga. It’s a diverse region, with small farms and large enterprises, and is known for a fully washed process done in fermentation tanks; combined with the terroir and special post-harvest process, it results in a very unique cup.

The region’s microclimate impacts the coffee trees’ behavior, production cycle, harvest and post-harvest processes. The harvesting starts later than in other regions, and abundant rains encourage multiple flowerings, which results in uneven maturation and means the harvesting must be done carefully by hand.