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Giving Back With Every Bean!





Welcome to Essex Coffee Roasters



We are a Northeast based, small-batch specialty coffee roasting company. Though we are small in size, we are big on our passion for all things coffee. You can find our beans at select cafes around the country. We take great pride in roasting and work to capture as much of the natural “notes” in each coffee bean we can so you can get the most out of every roast.


One of the most unique aspects of Essex Coffee Roasters is that all of our beans are roasted to order. That means our beans are not just sitting on the shelf waiting for you. Because we roast different beans on different days, you get the freshest coffee that’s worth the wait. Whether you drink your coffee only in the morning, or all day long, you are guaranteed a fresh batch.


Here at Essex Coffee Roasters, we have three missions. First, to bring you the best coffee. We are committed to providing you the most flavor in all of our roasts. Second, to educate. We want to help you understand the flavors of coffee and the entire process from growing your coffee to cupping. Thirdly, to support our local community. We donate 5% of all profits to local charities in the markets that have been so kind to carry our coffee.

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